Celebrate Spring with New Menu at the Gresham Restaurant

Having a charming terrace and fabulous Chain Bridge view, the Gresham Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest presents its new menu with selected dishes of Hungarian and Italian cuisines. In the new menu, Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente focuses on healthy and light summer meals using seasonal and local vegetables. Foie gras duo,… View Article

Easter in Budapest: Tradition, Art and Gastronomy

In spring time, one of the most featured events in the Buda Castle District is the The festival is a perfect program for those who are on an Easter holiday in Budapest, Hungary. With the festival ticket you are also entitled to visit the two major attractions inside the Buda Castle buildings: the Hungarian National… View Article

Prague Drinks Not Only Beer, But Wine!

Good news for Central European winelovers. The first year of PRAGUE DRINKS WINE Festival will take place on 6th & 7th June 2014 at the Troja Chateaux. It will be a unique gathering of more-than forty winemakers from Central Europe with you – lovers of original, quality wines. PRAGUE DRINKS WINE Festival connects to similar… View Article

Literary Dinners with Lisa Hilton

On Wednesday 30th March, the third in the series of Rosie Apponyi’s international literary dinners at Brody Studios recounts a very adult love story: Nancy Mitford and Gaston Palewski were middle-aged and battle-scarred when they embarked on a less than ideal love affair in post-war France. Yet their love, immortalised in Nancy’s bestsellers ‘The Pursuit… View Article

The Newest On-Line Destination Guide of Budapest

Four Seasons has spent more than 50 years anticipating and responding to the needs of its guests with customized services and amenities that have changed the face of hospitality. Along with this commitment now Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest (2014 Winner – Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award) is launching an on-line destination guide that will… View Article

Only two weeks left to enter the CSWWC

With just two more weeks left for producers to enter, the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) is set to become the new ‘Oscars’ of all things bubbly. Producers from over 15 different international sparkling wine regions have already registered their wines for the competition, with iconic prestige cuvée wines particularly well represented. Established… View Article

Adding New Depths to Aging Wine

A new wave of winemakers is going to extraordinary depths to reach new heights in winemaking. Chris Boiling looks at the trend for aging wine underwater to see if it’s worth taking the plunge. Winemakers around the world are adding a new category of equipment to their arsenal – diving gear. We’ve found winemakers in… View Article

New One-Star Restaurant in Budapest in the Michelin Guide!

In the 33rd edition, the MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe provides a fascinating insight into Europe’s many different culinary cultures and highlights the growing dynamism of the European culinary scene. This year’s selection also includes a number of newly honoured restaurants, for example in Hungary, bustling Borkonyha (“Winekitchen”) in Budapest gains a star. According… View Article

5 ‘Bare Bones’ Wine Essentials for Every Wine Lover

There is no doubt that wine is one of the greatest experiences we have available to us in our everyday lives. However, it’s a vast subject and can often be overwhelming, confusing and intimidating. So for now, let’s not worry about writing the perfect tasting note, nor trying to remember whether the ‘95 or ‘96… View Article

Portugieser du Monde 2014

We steadfastly believe: Portugieser is an essential and important grape variety in Central Europe, it is however unfortunately rarely celebrated in the world of wines. The experts of Pécsi Borozó began two years ago by organising a tasting event with Portugiesers from Villány, extended the competition to be international last year and they are organising… View Article

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