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We are continuously filling this page with information. Visit us again, because from time to time we recommend something new from the immense list of our workshops and masterclasses.

1014092_756559127687626_1374961149_nCEWI Presents the Hungarian Wine Excellences Workshop
Speaker: András Horkay
The most dynamically developing Hungarian wine school (Central European Wine Institute – CEWI) presents the best and the most exciting wines of the Hungarian Wine Excellence Program. The speaker, András Horkay provides inside information about the Big Country Tasting. The audience can get to know the aims of the program and the way of evaluation. In this workshop we test the wine and give them points, and finally we compare the results to the professional jury’s opinion. Moreover, everybody who attends this workshop, gets the White Wine Excellence book.
1 March, Saturday, 13.30, Orfeum Club >>


veuve_clicquot_magnum-500x500Tom Stevenson Exclusive Masterclass – The Magnum Effect
Speaker: György Márkus
Dear VinCE Guests,
We are sorry to inform you, but Tm Stevenson – due to health problems – cancelled his participation at VinCE Budapest Wine Show. However the Veuve Cliquot champagnes have arrived safe and sound, therefore we decided to hold the masterclass with György Márkus, Tom Stevenson’s best Hungarian fellowspeaker. Mr Márkus has received Stevenson’s draft of presentation. If you decide not to participate in this masterclass, we will refund you the money. Please, let us know if you want the refund.
Once again, we are sorry for the inconveniences.
Bottle, magnum, jeroboam… and we could continue down the list of the bigger and bigger wine bottles. But is there any real difference between them? Why aren’t we satisfied with a simple bottle? Is the bigger the better champagne? On Sunday in an exclusive masterclass, Tom Stevenson answers the question with Veuve Clicquot’s “Yellow Label” editions from different vintages.
1 March, Saturday, 17.30, Orfeum Club >>

Alfred Gratien Champagne Masterclass
Speaker: Nicolas Jaeger
alfred_gratien“I have always been of the opinion that champagne should be to wine what haute couture to fashion” – said Alfred Gratien, whose champagne house insists on tradition: they are still one of the few, who ages their base wine in barrels. Alfred Gratien champagne house managed to achieve an outstanding result at VinCE Magazine’s panel tasting of sparkling wines in 2013 december: there were only three 5 star results – and all the three from Alfred Gratien! Come and taste the “hat-trick”, plus as a real insider, taste their basewine as well! The masterclass will be held by Alfred Gratien’s cellarmaster, Mr Nicolas Jaeger.
2 March, Sunday, 9.30, Masterclass room >>

Interactive Wine Coupage in a Master Grade, or The Marriage of Regions
Speakers: Izabella Zwack, Attila Domokos, Géza Légli, Pál Rókusfalvy
Are you interested how wine coupage works in practice? Why is it good? What do we have to pay attention to? Three regions, three oenologists, three kinds of white wine that we blend in small groups in order that everybody tries the cellar work. The best cuvée enters for the intramural competition of VinCE, moreover each members of the winner group get a bottle of own wine with special label.
28 February, Friday, 13.30, Workshop room >>

Coffee Passion Masterclass – A cup of terroir
Speaker: André Hoinkis, Douwe Egberts International Coffee Expert

Speaker: André Hoinkis, Douwe Egberts International Coffee Expert
andre-hoinkisHave a glimpse of the single origin coffee world, explore far away coffee regions with André Hoinkis, the international coffee expert and discover the shared terroir characteristics of bean coffee and single vineyard wines. Besides two exotic Omnia Reserve coffees from the Columbian Huila region and the Indian Malabar coast specialties from Vietnam and Etiopia will be served in wine glasses! Of course, glasses will also be filled with wines from Szekszárd – Dúzsi Tamás Winery and Etyek wine region – Hernyák Estate to highlight the meeting points of coffe and wine culture.

Match exotic coffees with exotic wines! Deepak Shettigar, the WineWorld – VinCE granted sommelier also joins the masterclass as special guest. He will assist in tasting of two wines never tasted in Hungary before; a spicy shiraz from the ’Valley of Dreams’ in India and a blend from Brazil, the official redwine of FIFA World Cup 2014.
28 February, Friday,  13.30, Masterclass room >>

Russia’s Abrau Durso Masterclass – The real Russian champagne in a French oenologist’s hand
Fabian Lorenzon, France and Nuno Terrao, Portugal
There is a winery in far Krasnodar, but in spite of the fact that its history was about tsars, princes and aristocrats, the grandeur and glitter avoided it somehow. The oenologists of Abrau-Durso champagne house put measureless energy into their winery that we can know in VinCE Budapest Wine Show on 28th February.
28 February, Friday 15.30, Masterclass room >>

Moët & Chandon Masterclass– Roger Federer’s favourite
Speaker: Elise Losfelt
ROGER-FEDERER-THE-NEW-MOET-CHANDON-BRAND-AMBASSADORThe champagne of glamour, the most popular champagne of the world, the official champagne of Oscar gala. Recently the face of the brand is the tennis icon, Roger Federer.
The masterclass will be held by Elise Losfelt, winemaker of Moët & Chandon
1 March, Saturday 9.30, Masterclass room >>

Burgundy  Clive Coates Masterclass
Speaker: Clive Coates MW
Clive CoatesThe world’s probably most respected Burgundy expert will give an introduction to this mythical land. He will explain the geology and the grape varieties, give a brief introduction about the commercial organisation: merchants, growers etc.  Then of course the tasting begins with 3 white and 3 red wines of Burgundy (wine list is coming soon).
1 March, Saturday 15.30, Masterclass room >>

mor1Mór – Humour Workshop
Speakers: The oenologists of the region
After the success of Wine Kids workshop last year, there is a youthful and humorous workshop again in which five oenologists (for example Krisztina Csetvei, Csaba Miklós, Tamás Mórocz, Máté Varga, Péter Bozóky) from Mór show their best wines from 2013 and their favourite wineage. A humorist of Dumaszínház helps for this light taste.
1 March, Saturday, 15.30, Orfeum Club >>

France’s Jura Workshop
Speaker: Wink Lorch 
JuraThe Jura is the smallest wine region in France, yet has a huge diversity of wines from sparkling, through light reds, unusual whites and the very special and long-lived Vin Jaune. Wink will unravel some of the complications of this region, explaining the appellations, the grape varieties and the way in which the wines are made. Her presentation will include nuggets of information from her forthcoming book, Jura wine, along with maps and photographs. The eight Jura wines Wink has chosen for the tasting include a sparkling wine, two reds, four whites and a Vin Jaune. She has selected them from five vignerons, allowing her to share the stories of both the people and their wines.
 2 March, Sunday 13.30, Workshop room >>

‘Urban Legends’ Workshop
Speaker: Kristian Kielmayer
McGuigan-City-Vineyard-9When you hear the word „wine region” what comes to your mind? For most people a picture of untouched, quiet, gently rolling hill sides of tranquillity where people are of no hurry, where no loud noise comes through. Yes, for most people. But there is another side of wine regions as well.
Several big cities even capital cities in the world have vineyards and produce wines within and along the borders of their capital city. Not even the urbanisation could push out the vines and long traditions of winemaking. During our workshop we will be “visiting” such places where wines growing/making meet the capitals of the world. Come and join me on this fascinating journey…
 2 March, Sunday 9.30, Workshop room >>


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